Town Council 10-20-2020

Open Agenda

2nd Order of Business: Minutes 00:09:24

3rd Order of Business: Announcements 00:10:38

4th Order of Business: Information Exchange 00:13:13

5th Order of Business: Town Manager's Report 00:31:50

6th Order of Business: Public Comment 00:41:08

Item #154-20: Consent Agenda 00:47:39

Item #155-20: PUBLIC HEARING-proposed Zoning amend 00:50:45

Item #156-20: setting public hearing-zoning 00:59:42

Item #157-20: Racial Equity Assessment Ad Hoc Comm 01:03:42

Other Business: Discuss Food Trucks 01:23:24

Other Business: Discuss MDOT Bridge replacements 02:17:21

Other Business: Discuss Shellfish Licensing Cons. 03:57:09